September 2006 - Additions

September saw four miniatures added to the collection, three American and one Italian.

The American miniatures are a portrait of Mrs W M Osborn of Buffalo NY at her knitting, painted by Gerald Sinclair Hayward in 1922, and an important portrait of David Ryerson of Newton NJ, painted by Nathaniel Rogers.

As is generally the case, any additional information about a miniature appears in the relevant gallery within this collection. Thus for more information about David Ryerson go to Rogers, Nathaniel - portrait of David Ryerson
The sitter and artist for the third American portrait are unknown, but the sitter is believed to be of Brigadier-General rank, probably in an American state militia, although research is still continuing.
Italian miniatures are uncommon and this one of an unknown lady is by Adelaide Tresca (1846->1904).

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