October 2006 - Additions

October additions are all American miniature portraits. An unsigned portrait of a man identified on the reverse as Henry Carvill 1825. This appears to be American, but may possibly be British. Also three Edwardian portraits on ivory of society ladies. They are signed C Wiltschek, A Munn, and Williams. The one by C Wiltschek is identified as F N Collins. The collection already contains two portraits by Charles Wiltschek and one by Williams, but A Munn is a new artist for the collection.

To enhance the collection, items associated with artists and sitters are also acquired when the opportunity permits. In October associated acqusitions include two original letters relating to the portrait of David Ryerson acquired last month, an early photographic slide of the Vanderlyn portrait of Aaron Burr which supports the portrait of Aaron Burr included in the American 1 Gallery, and a rare 1833 first edition of a book called "The Persecuted Child" written by the author Ann Tuttle Jones Bullard, which supports the portrait of her also included in the American 1 Gallery.

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