November 2006 - Additions

During the month four portraits were added into the collection, from four different countries.
The French one is unsigned, but unusual in that it depicts a family of five including a baby. Miniatures of families were more expensive than for a single person, as painters often charged the same amount for each head in the overall portrait.

The miniature of three girls is American and signed by Etta L Wiedhopf, who also signed Etta L Wiedhoff. The girl in the centre is Joan Campbell.

The miniature of the old lady is by Charles Foot Tayler and dated 1820. It is unusual in that there is already an identical portrait by the same artist in the collection. This happened when an artist was requested to paint several versions for different members of the same family.

The military portrait is a German one on enamel and is by Adolf Helzel of Berlin. He owned a porcelain painting factory. The sitter is not known, but is wearing many decorations. (The images of the Tayler miniature and the German one are both affected by scanner glare.) 1182, 1185, 1186, 1187

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