December 2006 - Additions

December saw the addition of several miniatures, together with some items relating to Governor Silas Wright of New York.

There is a British miniature of Colonel O Menzies wearing Mayoral robes, by Augusta Kate Critchton, an artist born in India, but who appears to be previously unrecorded. Research has confirmed that Colonel Menzies was Mayor of Ealing, London in 1904/05 - for more see Crichton, Augusta Kate - portrait of Colonel Menzi...

An intriguing American miniature is of Jane Bretney Lanier Washington, the wife of William Lanier Washington. Jane Bretney Lanier married twice, firstly to Powhatan Bolling Cabell, a descendant of Pocahontas, and secondly to James Barroll Washington, a great-great-grandnephew of President George Washington. Thus she provides a marital link between the most famous American male and the most famous American female. The portrait is by an Italian artist Pia Galli. For much more about Jane see Galli, Pia - portrait of Jane Bretney Lanier as there is also a connection to the Battle of Harper's Ferry, General George Custer, and in the view of some commentators, a 20C conman !

The second American miniature of a girl with flowers, is by Helene Toerring who was born Helene Kunze, in Iowa in 1870 - for more see Toerring, Helene - portrait of a youg lady

The Silas Wright items support the miniature by Alonzo Chappel in the collection at American Miniature Portraits - 1: Chappel, Alonzo - portrait of ... Silas Wright was Governor of New York.

The two items are an original copy of a march composed for his inauguration entitled "Gov. Wright's Grand March" and a set of Customs Fee stamps with his portrait on that were issued in 1887.

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