June 2006 - Additions

Miniatures added in June include three French miniatures and one British miniature.

The French ones include an unsigned one of a man with a buff waistcoat from around 1825. Previously this was unattributed, but it is now attributed to Hans Joachim Brunschweiler who rarely signed his work, see Brunschweiler, Hans Joachim - portrait of a man

The British one is a portrait of Queen Alexandra by Kate Harris and is dated 1905. This portrait is a companion piece that will go well with the portrait of her husband King Edward VII which is included under British 20C portraits. The photograph here is shown larger than the other items here, to try and depict the exquisite detail of her diamond jewellery.

The other French items are a man with a moustache by Auguste Vibert dated 1858 and a girl with a lace headdress by J M Sanz dated 1879. Sanz seems to be an unrecorded artist.

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